Does anyone wonder why some people are here?

So I've come across tons of threads over the last few months... and I've been gobsmacked by some of the responses from the G@G community.

Why is it that certain people feel inclined to answer issues that they clearly have no knowledge in? and then when someone comes around who actually has, they choose to disregard it and call them "ignorant" and "stubborn".

G@G is a veritable cespool of patronising and demonising fuck wits. Most people here are bigoted and intolerant and YOU KNOW IT.

I'm almost done with this place...


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  • I just see GaG users like this..

    It's mostly ill informed but highly opinionated young adults, living parochial lives under their parents' roof, making up speculative bullshit and dressing it up as experience. That's just GaG.


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  • I know what you mean. I'm planning on a long hiatus in the fall.

  • I always wonder why im here... such a stupid site

    • ikr!!

      I'm sick of it.

    • same :\

      i actually left before... I don't know why im back ugh

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