If you was in charge of civilisation and YOU found alien life... Would you tell your species? If no.. Why not.. If yes.. Why?

Honesly I have no idea what I would do because it could potentially cause war, make religious people stop believing what they believe and the whole population could possibly go crazy.

But on the other hand.. They deserve to know.. So I'd slowly hint towards it like 'possibly life on Kepler 22b' and after a few months or years let the public know.

but I'm interested on what you'd do in this situation? (Poll for extra Xper for the gagers)

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  • I wouldn't tell my fellow Earthlings.

    Wanna know why?

    Look at how we treat each other. If we can't even treat our own people with kindness and empathy, what hope do we have with another?


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  • Judging by human history, we have a bad track record when it comes to first contact with different people. Majority of first contact events in mankind history was initially met with curiosity then fear and finally hatred which eventually would lead to war and then some bogus explanation as for why they are different from us.

    As difficult of a decision it would be. I think I would tell civilization about the alien life. All the bad first contact events we've had was a result of ignorance, so if I was capable of educating humans about the aliens then hopefully that first meeting between humans and aliens will go peaceful. I mean it'll be much better then the alternative of not telling anybody and mass hysteria breaks out when the aliens do show up.

  • I would like totes tell the peeps

  • I'm curious whenever the possibility of alien life comes up, someone eventually says this disproves religion. I don't get that. Could somebody explain why you believe this is true?

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