Would a man still get jumped in prison for killing his mother, even if she was abusive or is that most likely an internet/media myth?

A lot of the very intellectual people I know, say that the majority of these prison hierarchy stories are mostly media myths, especially on the internet.

Not that I'm saying killing anyone is ever a good solution but l will admit that if a man was in prison for killing his mom, who's done nothing but good to him doing her job as a mother, then'd I'd be pissed, not because she's a lady and is a part of the "weaker and more oppressive" gender but because there are many men and women around the world, especially in prison, who either grew up with abusive mothers or grew up without a mother and would have loved to taken that person's (who killed his mother) place to be the murdered mother's child.

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  • Rumors get thrown around In prison all of the time.

    Half of the times people don't even know the full stories.

    Chances are you'd get jumped by a lot of people in prison who would die for their parents.
    That would only in crease if you look like a punk.

    • I remember watching this documentary where a 24 year old man got thrown in jail for sleeping with a student. He wouldn't have gone to jail because where he lived 16 was the age of consent. But the fact that he was a teacher made him get thrown in jail (that aspect was illegal).

      Rumors circulated in jail that he had slept with a 12 year old girl.
      He got beat up so badly in jail that he almost died.

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    • Now, that I don't know about.

      There was a period in time I kept watching documentaries about male inmate jails.
      I'm not sure if that's true based on women's jails.
      But realistically, women in general do get a lot of passes in life because of their gender.
      But I don't like to stereotype or generalize.
      I'll look into this myself and come up with my own observations.
      It's possible though.

    • It would be nice if women would stop getting these free passes and get the same social scorn and hatred and same punishment as the men for the same exact atrocities committed. Instead, we live in retarded backwards society. It would be nice for me to be in charge of the American justice system so I can execute both female and male child molesters and murderers by beheading them so we don't waste anymore tax dollar as them and create more stupid travesties by feminazis and retarded men who only think with their dicks.

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