What do you think about hipforums?

Everybody does drugs there. A forum full of members that do drugs. What do you think? I had begun to think that doing drugs is seen as normal as drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco in the USA until I registered on this site, girlsaskguys.


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  • Well there's forums dotted everywhere that cater to people with different interests, and hipforums just caters to people who are interested in drugs. Most people on this site seem extremely sheltered and introverted so I wouldn't expect many to be interested in recreational drug use.


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  • It's a good way to get information on drugs. Better than visiting a government website or something.

    • I opened a topic about how bad synthetic weed is but some stupid people were saying alcohol is worse than it. I really dont get what kind of brain they have. Whatever you write, alcohol is worse than it. İt is really funny :D

    • I guess every forum has their own idiots. Also, maybe the synthetic shite they're taking are damaging their brain function. Synthetic is worse than crack haha what idiots lol. Those people who believe it isn't are probably synthetic crack heads who've lost their minds.

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  • Ah I remember that site, I went on it a few times. Everyone was so high I just got annoyed and quit. It's hard to talk to people when their high.