Friends ex boyfriend killed himself.. how do I help?

He was dating her on and off for two years. My friend was very unclear with her feeligns torwards him and it seemed he just wanted to make it work. In the process she got hurt mutliple times. He fought for her trying to convince her parents to let them date and she fought for a while too. Her parents called him ugly and a loser and a liar. She ended up leaving him saying that he doesn't make enough money for her and saying that all her friends hate him and think he is full of himself. He lost his career at the same time and just went downhill.

She ended up seeing him at college a couple times and he looked like a zombie.. bags under eyes.. really frial. He used to be a buff guy.. the stud. Anyways a little over a month after his 22nd birthday 7 months after the breakup.. He shot himself and ended his life. My friend is absolutley devasteded and I don't know how to comfort her. I don't know if she can recover from this. Was her first love and I know he was in love with her too.


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