What are some things you have written down in your bucket list 😄?


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  • I should probably start physically writing stuff.
    In my head is:
    -get a girlfriend


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  • Go on an airplane
    Write a best selling novel
    Travel to Germany and Japan (I am learning both languages)
    Sing in front of a crowd
    Have my own sketch comedy show


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  • One thing i have on the list is get a minion. I really want a little person wether they are a kid or just short to follow my lead and do evil things. Muhuwahaha!!! 😈😈😈

  • -Get a job (check)
    -Graduate from highschool (one more year)
    -Find a college
    -Pass college
    -Get prom money from parents and spend it on clothes & games
    -Nice Car (check)
    -Get ripped (check)
    -Get fit (check)
    -Get Ps4
    -Get laid

  • Drive a super car


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  • Reshape America's view and quanity of a medium
    Eat many exotic meats
    Learn how to cook a wide variety of high quality recipes
    Foster and/or adopt at least one tween/teenager and help raise and guide them into and through adulthood
    Live in a mini cottage hidden in a thriving heart of a city perfectly suited for all my wants and needs.
    Cosplay in a completely handmade costume
    Win a cosplay contest
    Learn how to sing and then make good use of my music
    Publish something under a second name and then become my own greatest competitor (jk but definitely have a second pen name for work that I couldn't get away with being myself)
    Be a Drag King
    Make something big with my own two hands
    Lose a limb and have it replaced with a mechanical one hard wired into my nervous system to be a perfect replacement
    Become a living metaphor for someone else's life
    Get away with a crime worth committing
    Own a Sybian
    Have a larger than most sized lingerie wardrobe
    Master living on $3 per meal $1 per snack two meals and two snacks a day
    Regularly wake up at 3:30AM and make good use of the entire morning after I get up
    Be consistently productive
    Have sex with a futanari
    Use a frying pan as a self defence weapon
    Fight a battle and win
    Fight a battle and lose but then gain fruitful information from the winner
    Start and hold a long inspiring educational conversation once every day for a full year
    Kick my own bucket at the right time, right place, and in the right way
    Add more to this list

    • "Make something big with my own two hands." Judging by your opinon history, I'd say you did that every week. *wink wink*

  • You do NOT want o know you will just laugh at me...

    • Yes I do want to know ! Just tell me :)

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    • i SAID i though you wouldn't laught at it/1 LIAR!

    • What I didn't laugh ;-; it was the other guy that did. But let me just say this ;-; it's cool what you put , but I'm sure a guy likes you. They're many guys in this world and I'm sure one of them is crazy about you. But if this is in your bucket list well hopefully you get to do this. :)

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