Would you rather eat celery grown with shit for fertiliser, or drink water derived from sewage treatment?

For the celery I'm talking about human shit being dug through the soil and the celery being grown in it, washed, and then you eat it.

For the water it's the sewage water treated and with reverse osmosis to purify it and so on, so it's clean.

Which would you rather consume? Or would you have no problem with either.

Bonus question: Do you think there should be a Food topic so people can ask this type of question there?

  • I'd rather eat the celery, but ideally I'd avoid both.
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  • I'd rather drink the water, but ideally I wouldn't have to.
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  • I'd be happy to eat the celery, but would prefer to not drink the water.
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  • I'd be happy to drink the water, but would prefer to not eat the celery.
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  • I actually wouldn't have a problem with either.
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  • I can't decide...
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  • See answers
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well there's the same amount of water on Earth as there's ever been; all the water we drink has been sewage at some point if you think about it. The celery I wouldn't care about that much but it just wouldn't be very good celery because our digestive systems are too good; human shit has very few nutrients left in it because we've used them

    • Human shit has been used historically for growing food. There might be better things to use but I imagine it still improves plain soil.

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    • Still I guess they'd be cute in a way, right?

    • Haha well I'm personally not very keen on them because I've been bitten by one; and because they're barely trained at all they can be quite alarming if you have to move them from field to field or whatever because potentially they'll just bolt at anything; my Mum nearly had her arm pulled out of her socket when she didn't quite let go of the lead rope in time once :/ . She loves them though. She's a bit made though bless her, my Mum. Another example is she's really allergic to insect stings, like she'll swell up and in really bad cases maybe pass out and/or have to go to A&E; and yet she keeps two hives of honeybees xD

Most Helpful Guy

  • I honestly wouldn't have a problem with either. Human feces isn't much different from animal feces and we already use it. Sewage water that's purified through reverse osmosis would be extremely clean. We already do urine purification for astronauts and that stuff is incredibly clean. They separate ions from the water in reverse osmosis as well as bacteria. If you're sifting out individual ions and atoms, you've got some really clean water.


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What Girls Said 2

  • hey, its clean

  • Don't they already fertilise plants with shit? That call it minure

    • Manure is generally not human though, rarely these days would untreated human excrement be used.

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    • Not in the title, but it does say that in the question detail.

    • I didn't read it lol

What Guys Said 1

  • by the time they get back to humans they would be perfectly fine to eat so I wouldn't have a problem with either