How can I do everything wrong?

sorry if i rant but

wheenever i do something it seems that i do it wrong, never been any different. i dont undeerstand... and people always say " if uur not sure ask" but it apsrently has a limit and people get mad at me and now im afaraid of failure. i always fuck up... and i do try as hard as i can... told to "be confident" but how can i be when i always fail or im called arogant.

its like the world works a different way beyond my understand, when people understand this they look at me or call me an idiot. i feel mentallyy ill. it really hurts to be like this... is there anyone lik this?


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  • Hey man, don't stress so much. Firstly, there are a tonne of people like you, including myself.

    We just see things a little differently and that's absolutely okay! If you are truly concerned, you can easily have a chat with a therapist and get their thoughts, but I really think you have nothing to worry about. If you don't understand something, you must always ask. If people get pissy with you, tell them you'd rather ask and know, than not ask and mess things up! That's the better option out of the two! Don't stress, love.

    • thaank you i feel a bit better , i did tell my last boss that about questions but i kept needing help and i was let go..

    • There are many bosses that would be equally patient and understanding, unfortunately there are many that aren't. Yet and still, I'd rather ask so I know what is expected of me. I don't feel comfortable winging it, because if I make a mistake it's my fault for not asking; which may result in my termination anyway.
      I feel like constantly asking questions is slightly better, than constantly making mistakes haha.

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  • I screw up all the time. It's not biggie.


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  • You just need to relax yourself a bit, don't try too hard and yes it can happen like that to some people, bad luck I would say. That's okay, it's not like you can't correct it or something.