Some psyhcos have captured you and your gf/bf, your best friend and the only way out is to do one of these things... Would any of you?

Do one of these things? You're all trapped and there's no way out unless you do one of these things Here's what you have to do to get out

Your gf/bf and best friend are tied up. The psycho leavesa a note explaining what you will face if you choose one of these options

1. there's a key in a bear trap, but the only way to get it is to pry it off with your bare hands. There's nothing around to spring the trap so you would have to risk mangling your hand to get it off so you can open the door. If you open the door the sensors on your best friend and girlfriend will summon the rabid wolfs even though they sound like they're a distance away, You don't know how far away they really are. There's a car with keys in it , but its far away. If you take this chance you will have a mangled hand and have to out run rabid wolfs.

2. The only other way out is a door but you have to pucnh a 150 digit code to open it. Untie your best friend and girlfriend, but as soon as you do that, the room fills with 100 ppm of chlorine gas and the floor become coated with oil, liquid teflon and your gf/bf and best friend have roller skates locked onto their legs. What do you do?

Also you can't punch the code until you untie your best friend bf/gf because that triggers the door to come on to punch the code in.


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  • Number 2 and leave my best friend... sorry Joanna☺


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  • Number 1 :3 easy