Which Era Would You Love to Live in If You Were Given the Choice and Why?

I would have loved to live in the 50-60's. I love the dresses the women wore and how society was back in that time. To me, that was the romantic era.

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Each of the options are eras by the way, i just forgot to be very specific.
Please forgive and over look my mistake :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • late 30s early 40s easily I've always felt like my personality, just they way I live and stuff morals, values. I would just fit in a lot better in that era, I feel very out of place here. And despite knowing the hardships of that time I would still choose to go back there.

    • Same here. I'm like u, i feel out of place in this era and that i belong in the 50-60's.

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    • The Depression didn't end in 1939, it ended in 1942

    • @DaddyRollingStone alright you're partly right, it officially ended in 1939 but didn't actually start to make a turn around until a little bit after 1939 since WWII pumped our economy into high gear.

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  • Lol ummmm... yea I really enjoy this current time period where you don't get lynched for having a relationship with a girl of a different race...😂😭😅

    • Lol that's true but that's still kinda going on :p

    • I can deal with bad stares lol just give em older folk a smug vegeta smile, plus it's only in third world countries prolly

  • 1840s-1850s. I would go to the South and farm tobacco or cotton and make a lot of money then build a really big house and have extravgent balls with beautiful women and gentlemen. It would be fun.

    • Yes, this was such an awesome era

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    • True. Quite frankly, i would probably be a house slave. I'm a human mutt (black and Native American on both sides) but aside from the craziness, i bet it would be awesome!

    • Maybe, maybe not. The majority of people owned no slaves. Very few had any, and even a small fraction of those who did owned more than one.

  • Where are you lol? That's an important part of the question. Different places were VERY different during these time periods.

    • Good question. Probably in England, Scotland or here in America

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    • I think that's really cool how you know your history. Most don't. I need to brush up

    • You do know that military service is mandatory in Switzerland right? every male citizen when they come of age is conscripted you keep your service weapon as well after you are finished in case you are required to join again in time of war. For a place were nothing special ever happens they sure sound ready for anything.

  • I'd love to be my age (22) now in the 60's and 70's, not a fan of the fashion (for that you gotta love the 40's and 50's, I love how guys always dressed smart, and I love the clothes the girls wore) For the music, 60's-70's is the best for music imo!

  • In the 60"s - 70's I'd be young again !!! :)

    • Aw, you're still young. <3

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    • If age is just a number, then jail or a clinic are just a room?

    • Yep, people just add whatever they want inside it so it could match whatever it is they have in mind for those rooms to be.

  • can i chose like 200 years b. c? SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • I'd rather live in the future. Life gets better as time goes on, always does. I'm sure in the future people will have more social freedoms, pot will be legal across the states and women will have 3 boobs like in Total Recall.

    • Less freedom with Marshall law

    • Future GaG will be filled with do guys love 3 bewbs better or 2 :( 😔

    • @Floyd790 society always gets more freedom with the progress of time. I'm sure you're one of those people who hate gays getting their freedom to marry or women having the right to choose what to do with a pregnancy.

  • When Britannia ruled the waves


What Girls Said 6

  • I like indoor plumbing, electricity, high speed, and wifi. No way would I want to live in another time.

  • Definitely the 90-20th though I was born in the 90's the two years I lived during it I have no memory of and it was just reay seemed like a really cool era.

    The teens were crazy, bunch if funky fashion trends, good music, etc. It just seems like that was the time you could be a kid and do what you wanted.

  • i loved the 20's, 50's and 70's so this is hard.

    man id probably just go to the 50's. can't resist.

  • Vote C = Haight-Ashbury, California!!! = Acid was legal. Sex wasn't demonised

  • the era of the evolution of rock music, plenty of awesome series were born at that time such as friends, mr bean..90's cartoons.. i feel connected to that era,
    i would have also chosen 50/60's because of rock music too, the manifestation of hippies and psychedelic trips.

    • Did you know that the hippies were rebels back in the day? They might still be

    • Yeah i bet! Right now all what's there are just some false imitations of their lifestyle based only on the kind of clothes they wore without a genuine understanding of their cause and what they believed in

  • 80s for Michael Jackson and 90s for Kate Moss

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