Too poor to marry?

So I have student loans and I'm a teacher. I realized that I'm simply too poor to ever have a family. I'm healthy and fertile, but I might as well have skipped paying for school and gotten a vasectomy instead.

Anyway, just a PSA for anyone thinking of going into teaching: don't. And if you go to college, get a degree for a high paying field or don't bother going.


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  • Sad state of affairs indeed


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  • Dude I've seen dudes who work in mcdonalds part time with me who are married


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  • ... i find this so insulting. I'm doing teaching and i believe the salary i will earn will be just fine to start a family. my mum, auntie and uncle are all teachers and they are nowhere near poor. they work hard and they find their job rewarding.

    i plan to teach till my health no longer allows me to, and this kind of negative nancy talk isn't going to stop that. dont ruin someone else's dream just because yours didn't work out the way u planned.

    • Except your family didn't graduate with college debt like it is today.

      And frankly, as a guy, I have to calculate the cost of marriage differently than a woman--in the event of a divorce (which, come on, is a 50/50 chance today), family law almost always works in favor of the woman. In which case, I have to factor in the potential fallout of a divorce and various payments like alimony and/or child support, in addition to legal fees. After looking at those, it's pretty clear I'd be financially crippled, and at my age and the timeline I can foresee for marriage/divorce, I'd be in my early 40s and honestly a bit too old to sensibly ever get into a relationship again (much less being able to afford it).

      Maybe the math works differently for you as a girl. If so, congratulations, I envy you that, since I would like to marry, but clearly it isn't realistic to do so.

    • so what? when u work hard anything is possible. i know that i can get at least half my debt paid off as soon as i graduate, because i made it a priority to clear that up straight away.

      also, i dont really believe in that gender crap. it's an excuse. men are always making excuses in these situations. divorce is not a 50/50 chance if u dont let some stupid ass statistic dictate ur love life. if u wanna believe it, go ahead, but i know that I'm pretty much exempt from this, because i know how ill go about finding the right person.

      thinking of a divorce in this way is obviously a huge factor that influences ur views. i think u might need to work on that. sure it's a possibility, but why dwell on that rather than a life long love?

      i dont know how it works for me 'as a girl'. all i know is i work hard and id like to be able to provide for a future family as best as i possibly can. if i was a guy, i wouldn't feel any different about teaching. i would just try my best to be content...

    • with the education i have, because as u know, there r many people in this world who would kill for an education.

      let's not forget how blessed we are.

  • You remind me of my teacher.

    He kept telling me and my freinds about how he wanted a wife but he thinks women cost too much money. Then almost a year later he kept telling us about how he wants children. Then almost a year later he said he doesn't want to get married.

    Lol I guess you're in the same boat and maybe you will not want to get married very soon.

    • Well, I'm not sure why your teacher is talking to you all about those things, lol, but yeah, maybe it's similar.

    • He likes to be our freind for some reason. He says he knows how it's feels to be in school

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  • All people who go to college just about have loans. I've seen people get married and they are in debt up to their eyeballs. Don't let this talk defer you