First world problems... whats yours?

i find #FirstWorldProblems so worth being laughed at xD so lame xD

i'll start first :

messed around with chrome, lost saved passwords, got everything back except my gmail... i can't.. open it...
i feel so a lone and broken... there was so much on it... now it's just... me, no gmail with me, just me... and all the channels i subscribed to on youtube... all gone... all alone
life can get so hard sometimes...



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  • Peanutbutter with or without nuts?


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  • What do you mean you can;'t open your gmail? Did you not setup a password recovery?

    My Aga isn't working, I just don't know how I will ever bake my Camembert cheese now... #Firstworldproblems :(

    • i did... no luck :(

      omg poor thing :( <3 im so sorry you are going through this *hugs tightly*

    • I know, I may have to seek counselling. What ever will I dip my soda bread and carrot sticks in.

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