Why are black cops such self haters?

My uncle used to be my FAVORITE person in the entire world. Now, he's a cop and i HATE him to pieces. he's always defending cops even when theyre wrong. He got me grounded because he told my mom i called him a house n**. Which i did. I sometimes want to bite his freaking face off when i see him. Like, i just want to put my fingers in his eyeballs until they hurt. I had to resist the urge to scratch him because he even tried to defend aiyana jones killer! I dont like cops and most black people who are cops become self haters.


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  • You need to calm the F down. Sounds to me like you're the one with the problem and not your Uncle. So he defends cops. Of course he does, he is one. But everyone is entitled to their opinions. But resorting to violent thoughts and actions because you can't discuss things in a civil manner? That's unacceptable.


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