10 things you would do if you woke up as the opposite sex?

You only have 24 hours in your new body, what would you do?


Most Helpful Girl

  • look at my ding dong
    pee standing
    have fun with girls.. not sexual fun.. just teasing and stuff..
    flirt with boys
    go to places where only boys are allowed
    again masturbate..
    freeze my sperm
    and when i'll be girl again i'll be able to have my own babies.. they would be my clones.. 8)

    • Freeze your sperm? You've thought about this already haven't you? LOL

      Boys only places? Where are those? Haha

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    • Pfft Asker can find another pretty lady to flirt with.

    • Oh yeah... come back the day after LOL

Most Helpful Guy

  • just wot i'm doin as a guy...

    -i'd get up in da morning
    -turn on music
    -turn on my computer
    -drink my cola
    -eat cookies
    -take a dump
    -have a shower
    -dress up

    ^10 things xactly

    *but i forgot... i'd be a gal so i'd get rid of shavin at least... woo-hoo!

    • Not bothered at all LMAO

    • i don't think my life would change much... technically i don't beleive there'd be a huge difference... i'd just pee in a sittin position

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What Girls Said 1

  • do guy stuff
    prank my friends
    hangout with guys
    be weirded out
    learn more about guys
    do what id normaly do
    be a spy...
    trick my friends to think I don't know them and im a stranger
    see how many guy friends id get in 24 hours
    so yeah!
    omg I all ready know what guys are going to say XD


What Guys Said 4

  • Confide in her BFF, that I know, and ask her to show me all the sht that they talk about, and hate about guys!!
    Go out, as a girl with her BFF, see what it is like to get hit on by creepy guys!
    Pee, like a girl!
    Try different foods, to see if they taste different!
    Figure out the bra thing, underwires?
    Figure out the 'Thong' thing? Does it feel ok in a female bottom?
    Get to know her BFF as a girl, being a guy in a girl body!!
    Share 'secrets'
    Try on skirts and dresses, maybe with no panties, just to feel it
    Try to masturbate, and see how everything feels
    Try anal play, to see if it really hurts, or she is just tense, and hating the idea!
    Ask for more time, to better understand my girlfriend. . .
    I would want to know what she felt, having her period.

  • Look at my vagina.
    Pee standing up. Fail at it.
    Masturbate, fail at it.
    Try to flirt with other girls, fail at that too.
    Have my period.
    Go buy some shoes.
    Marry a really rich old man for his money.
    Poison said old man to get his money.
    Get caught and go to jail.
    Hope I turn back into a man soon so I can rape my female cellmates.

  • 1. Squeeze breasts
    2. Suck on breasts
    3. Masturbate and record it so I can view it later from my original body (this includes the use of a dildo since I wouldn't sleep with a dude).
    4. Pee like a girl
    5. Find out what really happens in the woman's washroom.
    6. Have men pay for me and bend over backwords thinking I will sleep with them
    7. Film myself twerking
    8. Take lots of nudes and send them to me
    9. Emasculate a man by doing something he should be good at.
    10. Explore all areas of female privilege

  • Good question. I sometimes think about it.
    Definitely check myself out.
    Take a shower.
    Touch myself and feel how my body feels and reacts.
    Bring myself to orgasms. A lot!
    Try out clothes.
    Go out and walk around maybe without underwear or so.
    More masturbating and feeling myself up.
    A lot of walking around naked.
    More things naked.
    More touching too
    It would be a pretty sexual day. You only have one day to try so yeah..