Phone broken. will I lose all my pictures and data if I get it fixed?

I can'tI have a note 3.

I went swimming in the sea on vacation and unfortunately the sealed bag it was in fell apart and my phone went in the water for around 20 seconds.

The touch buttons on the front don't work but the home does.

The charging port and microphone don't work

The speaker doesn't work.

But ironically my phone works better now in some ways. It doesn't crash like it used to.

I can't back up my data to my PC because the Charging/USB port is broken. If i send it to get fixed. will i lose everything?


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  • It's possible.

    This is why people always put their things on back up.


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  • Take the battery out, place the phone, battery in rice. It may dry the components out, depends on how long your phone has gone soaked. This method has worked for myself when done properly..

    • I was gonna suggest the rice as well😊

    • My phone works perfect. In some ways even better now so it doesn't need to try.

      The salt water however literally eroded the above mentioned things

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  • It depends on whether you have them stored on the phone's internal storage or an SD card. If it's on the internal storage then you'll likely lose them. If it's on an SD card then just take the SD card out and you'll be all set.

  • With your pictures, maybe send them to yourself on facebook and you'll be able to save them on other devices and won't lose them :)


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