Concerned for my friend?

he is 19 his parents are on drugs like heroin etc... he told me he lives with his grandad and its safe there... i was with him last night and he said his dad was high and falling asleep behind the wheel while going home

i am going to liverpool in england and my instant is to stay here in dublin and not go !!

he clearly trusts me enough to tell me this

i feel like i can trust him

im very concerned for him !!


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  • He would be best to cut of contact with his parents and tell them he can't be around them until they are sober. By allowing them to put him in those situations he is enabling them. My brother is an addict and it may seems like you can help but in the end you have to be strong and tell the person using that you will not accept the usage and will not be around it. This won't be the reason they get sober, it may not change things at all for his parents but at least he will take himself out of harms way. He doesn't need to die because they want to get high and drive.
    As for you staying, do you think if you stay that you will be able to change anything? Is there a way he can come with you? I hate to say this but you shouldn't put your life on hold for this. You can be supportive and keep trying to get him to see that his parents are poison while they use. I am not sure if they have NA over there, but a group focused on dealing with narcotic users would help him. He can talk to people in similar situations and see how they handled it.

    • my dad is an alocholic and i told him i understand i told him that he can save someone else he can only save himself live his life and move on ,,,, he trusts me a lot to tell me this?

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  • He obviously does trustyou. Because of this, I think he has got his head screwed on the right way and is avoiding contact, not with his parents, but with drugs. I think he will be safe enough if you go to Liverpool, but try to stay in contact with him.

  • Call him everyday and talk with him on the phone to show your support.
    He has dealt with things this long he will continue to hang in there.

    Your intentions are good as a friend.
    Try bringing him back something cool from England when you return.

    Even try to Skype him while you're away if you both are open to that.

    You don't always have to be there in the flesh to show your support just continue to be a listening ear.

    • he trusts me a lot if he is telling me this?

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    • That's thoughtful

    • he said this to me when i said i was concerned about him As I Said Everyone Is Concerned !

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