What is a mytake you have been dying for somebody to make?

I have a bunch of topics for potential takes that I want to make in the future, but I want to know what it is fellow G@Gers would like to see touched on in the mytake section. Is there a topic you would like to see a mytake made on? What is it and why? If I like any of the suggestions, I will take it into consideration.


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  • A myTake on spontaneous relationships that arises out of everyday interaction versus objective driven ones like where people actively go out to "get some" if you catch the drift.

    Which one works better , pros and cons , what's your take on how relationships should arise.

    You know... humble beginnings versus MICHAEEEL BAYYYYY YEAAAAH


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  • Hmm something to level the playing field in terms of showing men and women are equal instead of driving a wedge in between them like feminism or mens rights:)

    • I plan on doing exactly that as a egalitarian so I will keep that very much in mind.

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    • I just finished writing a my_take on growing up and not caring about things do you mind if you two read it and give me your thoughts... by the way it does contain some vulgarity but most of it is clean.

    • Sure. I'll take a look.

  • Dude i have no idea


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  • Nothing in particular. As long they don't write long sentences and talk in an arrogant tone, i would read it.