I accidentally drank blood?

My best friend had a beef with my girlfriend where he called her a slut and since then she's been out for revenge.
Yesterday I woke up at night to to take a leak and went to take a drink from the fridge. There was a bottle of cranberry juice in there and I drank it, it tasted a bit weird but I didn't mind it since I was so sleepy.

The next day I woke up to a scream and ran straight downstairs to see what was going on and found her with the cranberrey bottle in her hand. She told me I just drank her period blood, apparently she was saving it in the bottle which she was going to get to my best friend through me unknowingly, which caused me to puke on her, the smell caused her to puke back on me some of it which landed in my mouth and the taste caused me to puke on her again basically we were just shooting puke at each other from our mouths.

I don't know what to do anymore after this ordeal, I can't stand the sight of her she disgusts me.
Should I break up with her?

Please people take this seriously. I can still taste the puke in my mouth.
I've decided to break up with her. I can't live with someone knowing I drank their period blood.


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  • Who in the world saves their period blood? How would one do so? DivaCup I guess into a bottle? This is ridiculous. @Bards @fenixx0083 @ClariceOwen23 @DangerDoge

  • ... I don't know about leaving her per se, but she was definitely taking it too far. What she planned on doing is called chemical assault. It is a crime. Seriously talk to her and tell her that shit is overkill.

    • Don't worry I'm breaking up with her. I can't live with her with this memory.

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    • Hmmm... I guess I'll take sometime to think about it then.
      Thank you.

    • Thank you. This makes me really happy. Never throw away a good chance at happiness.

  • lol im so sorry for laughing but no dont break up just try and talk it over together and sort things out

  • I jus puked reading this!!


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