Not sure this is the best place to ask but, whats the best.22lr revolver for under $600?

So I'm buying my husband a new gun for his birthday. we live out side of city limits out in the desert but we still have neighbors. Don't worry, they're not anywhere near the direction we're shooting and we have a back drop. So when me and my husband shoot his.357 and 5.56, we get noise complaints, they call the sharif, sharif says its okay that we shoot as long as no ones getting hurt. and then we feel so bad that we just stop shooting for the day. and even though we, as well as the sherif keep telling them that its our right to shoot out on our property, they still call the sherifs when we're shooting. wasting the sherifs time and we can't enjoy ourselves. so I want to buy my husband a.22lr revolver that has 6 or more shots in the cylinder that's made well and won't break or be damaged so easily for under $600. and the reason for the revolver over a pistol is because we don't want to keep loading or buying magazines, its easier to reload, we like the look better, and less chance to jam. and the reason for the.22 is so we can plink some cans and practice our aim without making a lot of noise so we don't have to deal with our neighbors. so best.22lr revolver under $600?


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  • They sell one at academy and gandermountain for as low 170$ and they are both 99$ on black Friday. I believe it is called the heritage rough rider. I have used one of them for years. They are robust and pretty darn accurate for a revolver. The only thing is it is a single action meaning that you have to cock the hammer each time you wish to fire.

    On your remark of a revolver over a pistol, a revolver is a pistol.

    Secondly a revolver is only easier to reload when compared to a magazine and even then only marginally so. If you have multiple magazines, which for a.22 are surprisingly cheap you can reload immensly faster and more efficiently.

    • in modern terms, when someone says pistol they're usually referring to a semi-automatic. so I know that a revolver is a pistol but hardly anyone thinks of a revolver when saying pistol. and I just said in the post that we don't want to buy magazines for ti. its easier to just load up the chamber and not have to worry about springs in the magazines and jamming is less likely with a revolver.

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    • Wow that was mature 😂😂
      Anyways if your main focus is quiteness then you are going to want to avoid a revovler. Due to the gap between the barrel and the cylinder on the revolver it allows gas to escape prematurely resulting in a louder shot. This is factual im not making it up. You can look it up.

    • not going to engage in a petty argument when I'm just looking for an answer to my question.

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  • The best.22 revolver on the market is the Smith and Wesson 317, thought they're hard to find in your price range. Ruger makes the SP101 in.22 that you can find under $600 all day long, but if you're just looking for a fun gun the Taurus model 82 is cheap and plentiful.

    • we already have a.357 so.38 is covered. just looking for a.22 so the noise won't have the neighbors calling the Sharif on us every time we're practicing. I'm kinda leaning towards the ruger sp101. 8 shots sounds pretty good.

  • I'd look for a Colt or a S&W. Or a Ruger SA.
    If these are too expensive, Taurus or Uberti.

  • Good luck finding ammo...

    • not a problem here, thankfully.

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    • yeah, most of them resale it. that's what the gun shop here in our town use to do. they were horrible. they bought all the other stores ammo and made us pay an extra 4 or 5 dollars for a box. then they also put an extra 50 to 300 dollar mark up on the guns they were sailing and they didn't even give you a warranty. Lucky we and a couple of other shooters told that guy to F off with our wallets and he went out of business. now everything is the right price and plentiful. My husband had to drive to the gun shows just to by some.38's and 5.56's while that gun shop was still open.

    • Its not that hard to find anymore here in Texas. It was for a while surrounding the ar ban scare but the.22 shortage died down fairly quickly. larger rifle shells are an entirely different thing they are still difficult to find and are marked up a substantial amount higher than they used to be

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