What do you think about first NFL coach for Arizona cardinals?

Arizona cardinals appointed first ever NFL coach Jennifer welters a former 5'2 140 pounds running back for Texas revolution in indoor football. She got injured right after two weeks after getting hit and now returning as coach of cardinals in NFL lol This thing really should have sport section


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  • I think it's pretty interesting. Admittedly, I don't know much about her though or how good her coaching skills are. I suppose we will see how she does once football season starts though. If you are asking this because of her sex, I don't think it matters that she is a woman. If she knows the game and knows how to coach the men playing then I don't see a problem with it. I do feel like a lot of the men on the team may not take her seriously though but like I said, I guess we'll see once the season starts.

    • Lol she got lot to earn, And look it up. Apparently she is doctor too and have done few degrees and really qualified for this job but yea lol Shed have hard time earning respect but I don't know. Birdgang seem to welcome her on twitter lol and no cos she is woman (Altho because of low testestorones, arm strength might effect) but she isn't playing, she is coaching. She have played in indoor football men's league and woman's league and for her college in Dallas but she don't really have physical stats but let's see lol

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    • Let's not joke. they can put 2 yr old baby and he'd get more respect than their previous coach lol She's actually over qualified for this, she have played for quite some time but indoor football and NFL have big difference lol so we'd have to see

    • haha yeah, there is a definite difference there.

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