Shouldn't Harry Potter have ended up with Cho Chang or Hermione Granger?

MAJOR SPOILERS!!! PLEASE GO BY THE BOOKS NOT THE FILMS (The later ones missed out several parts)

Reasoning being:

Cho Chang - his stomach always backflipped, he always felt nervous and got butterflies with Cho Chang. The only time he didn't was when he was too angry about the whole Umbridge thing or distracted about Sirius/James Potter behavior or else under the influence of visions. Cho liked Harry since 3rd year, even in 4th she was blushing and in 5 it is clear she really really likes him. Harry also does like her, even in the final book they smile and he gets that feeling of butterflies again. Compared to Ginny (whose infatuation was partly down to Harry's fame) who is friends and more like a younger sister to him (since he is close to the Weasley's), Cho and Harry felt much more right. She was someone he clearly fancied. He wanted to impress her.

Hermione Granger - everyone including Dumbledore and Cho and at times Ron thought there was something there. Unlike Ginny who Harry was just friends with, there were moments in all the books where Hermione would cling to Harry or be close to him. She was also always loyal to him no matter what. Until the point in the later books where there seems to be her and Ron dating, it is actually more clear that Harry and Hermione are one of a kind and click. Cho got jealous at the mention of her, and only really saw her as a competitor. I mean aside from the fact that Emma Watson played the part so well and is pretty, this one also makes sense.

I think either of these two make a better match than Ginny. There is hardly any reason other than being a fan of the famous Potter or having been saved by Harry for the two to fancy each other. It comes out of nowhere. At no point in the first 5 books is Harry jealous of anyone dating Ginny, nor does he seem to care one iota. He cares about Hermione when Ron does bad things. He also clearly fancies Cho, not just physically, but in the times they can talk and are not distracted, they get on well. Ginny clearly knows they click, as she tries to prevent Cho going to the Ravenclaw common room alone with Harry - no doubt to stop them hitting it off again. After all they only really broke down over a one off argument, not over losing their feelings. Cho was still trying to make Harry jealous, and Harry was lost in his feelings of loss for a loved one.


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  • My favorite book in the series was the Goblet of Fire. It grew up reading the books and as they came out, my ages matched the age of Harry and the rest of the kids at Hogwarts. So when they started to show interested in dating each other, I was also in this stage in my relationship. So when Harry asked out Cho for the first time, I was right there feeling every butterfly, every bit of despair, every emotion. I had hoped that Harry would end up with Cho in the end. JK Rowling even admitted that she had made a terrible mistake in placing Harry and Ginny together. She wanted Harry to be with Hermione because she felt that Ron wouldn't be able to keep her happy. The truth is, Harry could have ended up with any of them, but most likely, the real story is that after Harry graduated, he'd meet his wife in training to be an Auror. Most highschool sweethearts fail, and the number drops even more after ten years. Why? I can't say. But I really had hoped from the book standpoint, Harry and Cho had ended up together. From the movie perspective, I wish it had been Harry and Hermione.

    • So so so true! Felt for Harry and wished he had had luck with Cho in Goblet of Fire and that he had ended up with her.

      Book wise it should be Harry and Cho.
      Film wise it should be Harry and Hermione definitely as you said.

      It should have been one of those and not Ginny.

      Go Harry and Cho =)

      A perfect answer and worthy of the MHO spell I am about to cast!

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  • I like Harry and Ginny together. Sure her infatuation started out as being starstruck, but then it changed. First she moved on from Harry and dated a few guys in her year, and then when she came back to Harry it was about much more than his fame. Think about it - they'd known each other for years, they have a similar sense of humor, and they're both very interested in Quidditch. And in the books at least, they have amazing chemistry.

    Cho is okay. Maybe she and Harry would have done better if it was a better time (not while Cho was grieving over Cedric). But I'm very against Harry and Hermione being together. They're best friends and they think of each other as brother and sister. Maybe it's hard for most people to imagine a platonic male/female friendship and that's why they want them together. But I like them best just as friends.

    • Ok fair enough on Harry and Hermione. I think they're best friends too - she's a better friend than Ron.

      But the chemistry between Harry and Ginny romantically was sudden and not obvious at all until book 6 and seemed very forced. The chemistry (romantic) and almost sexual tension between Cho and Harry was much more obvious THROUGHOUT the entire series.

      I think Cho and Harry get on better. The humor in the books was there when they were both at peace of mind. They both like Quidiitch and it's how they first met. They liked each other mutually romantically ever since then.

      I think Ginny could have been with Neville. Both start off quiet and then are heroic later. Luna and Ron. Hermione deserved better.

    • Hermione is Harry's best and most loyal friend.
      Ginny is like Harry's family - just like Ron is.

      Cho was the girl he took an instant liking to. She liked him from that meeting in book 3 as well. And the chemistry was there. Everyone saw it in terms of his other friends, even Ginny - that's why she was worried in the last book. The only reason that they drifted apart in 5, was anger about Marietta betraying the DA (this was nothing to do with Cho) and Harry being busy with thinking about his father's youth and later his later loss in that film/book.

  • Yeah, I don't really like Ginny and Harry. I guess in the books, I can kinda understand it, but it's just really, really awkward in the films. I meant to vote for him with Cho but pressed Hermione by accident :( I actually loved Cho and didn't like Hermione that much, so that's probably influencing my decision.

    • Agree with you!!!

      Tbh in the books it was even worse with Ginny. There was no romantic chemistry at all. It seemed very sudden. Ginny was a fan of Harry being famous and was in awe of him. But she was more like family and he never showed any interest in her or who she was dating. It seemed very one sided and she would have been a better fit with Neville.

      With Cho and Harry, they both noticed each other from the moment they first met in Quidditch. In the books it was even better in terms of the romantic chemistry and even sexual tension at times between the two. They fancied each other mutually the entire way through. They just had that bond instantly. Harry always was excited to see her clearly and she also was nervous around him. It wasn't just him being famous, she clearly wanted to be more than friends. I think it should have been Cho too =)

      Hermione was his best friend, better and more loyal than Ron. He even have him advice on how to be with Cho

    • Plus in the books it wasn't Cho who betrayed Harry, it was some other girl who she was friends with. It seemed like they were trying to justify the "out of nowhere" Ginny being a match.

      In addition, Harry clearly had chemistry with her in the books and the films. Cho also was interested in him from the moment they met in book/film 3, didn't participate in any anti Harry activity during the Goblet of Fire, defended him against others and sought him out from book 5 onward.

  • Lol, I know you posted this a month ago, but this has always bothered me!!! I did not want Ginny and Harry together! Cho could be kind of bratty after her and Harry were official so I didn't like that and in ways I like Ron and Hermione cause it reminds me of an almost relationship I had with a guy once and he was probably the happiest a guy's ever made me so I see them being good together and therefore wouldn't want Hermione with Harry. I don't know who I'd want Harry with, but not Ginny 100%, I kind of wish there'd been another main character that was female that Harry would've ended up with. There was never really a character that I thought he'd be too great with

  • Nah, Cho Chang would have always reminded him of Cedric and Hermione clearly head more connection with Ron, especially to the end.

    • I guess with Hermione yes. but I don't think there was that problem wit Cho. Other that 1 time they didn't really get confused about Cedric

      Cho and Harry had great chemistry!! They seemed to really hit it off ever since they first met in book 3

  • I think Harry and Ginny we're rushed. In the first five books, Harry just saw her as Ron's little sister. He basically ignored her. In the sixth book he is suddenly in love with her. I could believe the pairing if they had interested more in the series. It wasn't until Harrys fifth year that they actually had conversations. Most of that book Harry was angry so a lot of their interactions he was actually yelling at her.

    The problem is you don't really see Harry interact with too many girls. So it's hard to really pick who would be better suited for him.

    • *interacted more in the series

    • Agreed. I mean he literally ignored her and she also at least in book 1 and partly 2 saw him as a celebrity. He didn't see her in any way at all for the first 5 books. Even in book 6, I got the impression it was her being like a sister and part of his family, like how Ron was a brother.

      Precisely about his anger. I think Harry was smitten with Cho from the moment they first met in book 3. Book 4 he still fancies her and tries to ask her out, but is too late. Even she likes him, given how she still talks to him despite all the anti Harry stuff going on in 4 and 5. She is genuinely sorry in book 4 for having to say no and eager and yearning to go out with him in book 5. Unfortunately he is very angry in this book and this interferes with them a lot. I can't really see why he is not going out with her still in 6.

      Even in the final book, he gets excited to see her and she wants to go somewhere with him at the first chance.

    • Agreed you don't see him with many girls and also lots of people seem to be in awe of him owing to him being famous (Ginny not excluded).

      But the whole Ginny thing seems completely out of the blue and doesn't feel right.

      By the books, Cho should be his girl and both seem to like each other in that way throughout. From the time they meet on broomsticks to the whole way through really!

      By the films, I guess it conveys Hermione as a potential lover, but even then, not Ginny.

      I thought Cho Chang should have become Cho Potter.

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  • Lol dude your 25-29 we should only take dragon ball z into consideration.