I have an obstacle to making friends?

I used to be a normal person until around age 14 to 18 when I moved school a lot and never established that high school network of close friends at the critical age, and build upon that foundation into adulthood, and also I met a few people who disappointed me with their friendship, and ever since then I think I have isolated myself from making friends, there is that sense that:

"anyone I meet will have way more friends than I do, and I will never match the closeness of those groups of friends, who are complete strangers to me, and also this new friend will find out I have no friends, so I won't even try"
So the vicious cycle continues.

Just think about it, if you have no friends, then everyone you meet is your hope of a best or close friend, but you won't be their best or closest friend, because they already have those from wayback, I need them but they don't need me, and trust me that is a sh1tty feeling. And I don't want to "leech" onto one person and try to grow my network through them cause that's just odd. And if you don't have a network of friends, it is difficult to have girlfriends as well.

And thanks to Facebook and Instagram now you can't really hide the fact if you don't have much of a social life.

I just want to get out of this hole but I just can't see a way out...


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  • just try to talk to everyone and be nice to everyone,


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