What's better - Audi S1 or S3?

So undecided on a new car, currently have a 2.0 Audi A1 which has 140bhp, want something faster so...
What do you think the better car is -
an Audi S1 - 230bhp
or an Audi S3 - 300bhp;
and why?

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  • I wish this were my hardest financial decision... sigh.


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  • To be honest i had an A3 and an A4 as a company car and was totally underwhelmed, I know not an S series but fairly slow and to be honest very unreliable. I had a VW Golf which i have to say was a far better car. Sorry to not be too impressed, my overall feelings were the A5 and upwards may be much better.. at a price. Personally I won't buy an Audi from my past experience.

    • VW and Audi are the same company though😆

    • yes i know its weird, but the golf felt better! who knows, perhaps as i did such a high mileage ( 80,000 a year) they didn't like it.. and plenty of people do love them. just didn't work for me.

  • The S3 for sure! It's a fun little car based on the car reviews I saw on youtube.

  • im a test driver i driven both. the S1 is nice but the S3 is great and stable in long a long journey plus its small and lovely. both are great. but i prefere the S3


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