Weed gives me confidence is this normal?

usually I over think things when I'm sober my confidence goes and goes. Some days I feel inadequate other days I feel like I'm a freaking supermodel. I'm not popular at school I'm but I'm average and associate with some popular kids. Anyways I kinda want to be one, I just want to have a a lot of friends and dress really nice. Anyways when high I could care less about anything. I dont care what others think about me, I don't feel sad or inadequate or nervous or insecure. My physical body is the only thing that reminds me that "this is real" but my mind is usually a thousand miles away. Is this normal. Weed just relieves me of my Sometimes Overbearing Pisces mindset.

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  • Yes, but overconfidence can be a very bad thing.


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  • Yes, its normal for any substance to make you come out of your shell. Alcohol, weed, any other drugs.


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  • The more you do it the more that will change eventually and it become something that drags you down instead of up
    Unless it's done casually... like a few times a month


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