Music to listen to while toking?

perferably hip hop.. rap.. maybe some dubstep... possibly some 90's rap hip hop an r&b lol

Yes i know i'm a fucking teenager i'm on my shit in school an work also it's my descion so i don't see why it's a problem An i know damn well it ain't for you

Anyways thanks (:

Toking means smoking.. blazing up this herb


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  • I mostly listen to Bob Marley when I light one because his music is chill and laid back. If you like mostly 90s rap, hip hop, R&B then check out the my 90s list and ignore my other list because you probably won't enjoy it. I also couldn't think of much for today's music.

    -Temptations by Tupac
    - How Do U Want It by Tupac
    - I Ain't Mad At Cha by Tupac
    - Pain by Tupac
    - Regulate by Warren G
    - Gin & Juice by Snoop Dog
    - Fu-gee-la by the Fugees
    - Ready or Not by the Fugees
    - All I Need by Method Man
    - Nuthin but a G Thang by Snoop & Dre
    - It was a good day by Ice Cube
    - Anxious by Ginuwine
    - I Wanna Know by Joe

    - Blasé by Ty Dolla Sign
    - Karate Chop by Future
    - 1Hunnid by K Camp
    - My Way by Fetty Wap ft. Drake
    - Commas by Future
    - Made Me by Snootie Wild
    - One Time by Migos
    - Handsome & Wealthy by Migos


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  • When I used to smoke I'd listen to jam bands like the grateful dead or phish, anything like that.

  • what the hell is toking

  • Swimming Pools and Bitch Don't Kill my Vibe, Kendrik Lemar (if that's spelt properly)
    Have you watched Chris Brown's video Hoes ain't Loyal while high? It's awesome. I'm not even a mainstream hiphop/pop fan but it sounds insane when you're stoned.


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