If you have ben to NYC, what would you suggest I do?

I'm going to NYC for three days later this month, leaving from Dallas. I've never been to NYC so what would you suggest i do while im there?


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  • general tips: i would ride the subway instead of taking cabs. i would also buy a week-long metro card instead of pay-as-you-go (unless you're super prone to losing things... then i would do the pay-as-you-go option)

    things i've enjoyed:
    -Ellis Island... it takes a long time to do it though (security, boat ride, etc) so I would do the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as an all-afternoon thing. you basically pay for the boat ride to those locations, so I would hit both if you can
    -lunch in Chinatown... I wasn't super interested in shopping there but lunch was cheap and fun and delicious. at night the shops close down so if you plan to eat there, i would do lunch and not dinner.
    -MoMA... you could spend hours in there haha
    -The Strand bookstore... I went on a Sunday night which was awesome bc a lot of other things were closed then. They had a a whole floor dedicated to all types of art and design. Its a funky little bookstore with cool people and it was fun just browsing. (the ladders are there for you to climb to explore the books on the top shelf... when i went i wasn't sure if i was allowed on them haha)
    -Top of the Rock... I enjoyed this much more than the Empire State Building (plus, you get an awesome view OF the Empire State Building). I went at dusk and it was really pretty. I've heard going at night is pretty spectacular too.
    -The High Line... its just really fun to walk on and people watch. It's really pretty and I think on Tuesday nights they have telescopes for stargazing.
    -Times Square. its a must if you're in New York... but I wouldn't spend too much time there. All the restaurants around it are packed with long wait times and are really expensive. The later into the night it is, the more crazy people there are. I think early in the night so you can see everything lit up is nice. Also, avoid the people in costume unless you want to pay them to get a picture with them and even then they'll probably ask you for more money than what you give them.
    -Central Park. i enjoyed walking around and people watching haha

    things i would skip:
    -Chelsea Market. i went and it was a cool space... it had a lot of fancy expensive specialty food so as a broke college student I could have spent my time somewhere else (the apple butter grilled cheese at Lucy's Whey was so good though!)
    -Guggenheim. it was way overpriced with not much art. you can walk into the first floor and take a cool pic looking up at the spiral architecture but i wouldn't waste my money/time there

    • no problem! if you have any specific questions, i'd be happy to try to answer them! haha i've been twice (last time was a few months ago)

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  • Check out the famous department stores and do some shopping, hang in central park, the ESPN zone was cool, see a show on broadway.. you know, touristy shit. That's what I did when I went.


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  • Been there. The MET is a must.

  • All the meusems. Definitely fit them in