Would you marry me?

Would you marry me?

Joke aside, what is your dream wedding cake?

This is not my dream wedding cake but I just feel in love with it, I want it for my birthday!!!

  • in a heart beat <3
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  • are you crazy? of course not!
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  • maybe? what will I get in return?
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  • geeezzz girl, I like boys
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  • see results.. biotch
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  • Sure but only if I can walk down the isle to this


    Also I don't know lol when I get married I'll pretty leave those kinds of choices up to her lol.

    • you are a weird child Phoenix!! :P

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    • I'm a fast learner! xD

      and Yes!! so soothing :D

    • Hehe apparently

      And yeah it's good music, full of PIs in bourbon suffocated shadows as they smoke their cigarettes in a light deprived office, as the moonlight creeps through the blinds.

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