How do I get motivated to leave the house?

I haven't left the house all summer and just been really depressed. So bored that I even started this blog. No offense to the GAG community. And I'm starting at a new school in less than a month and I have to be all preppy and nice if I want anyone to like me. HelpPPppp pls


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  • Easy, i worked for a year to save up 10grand. Went to study outside of home in another city and rented an apartment.

    Lived on my own ever since and now paying out my house and working 2 jobs to make it all happen.

    Now i also have a wedding to pay for and my parents are pushing me to get kids asap. =.=

    Life is going to fast for me to keep up.


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  • Make a plan to go out. Like making a date. You pick a place and time and you make a deal with yourself to be there on time. Then do it again only this time invite someone. A friend, family member, church member, anyone :-)

    Once you break the cycle of staying in you should be okay. If it continues, seek therapy :-)


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  • I think the best way to be motivated to start I by making sure you have everything you need, so maybe make a day of shopping, seeing if you can meet up with current friends


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