Girls, was it wrong that we just go away?

I today I wanted to play football (soccer) with a Friend of me. But the place was not free because there played 2 girls. (Our old) We then wanted them to go away, thats why i kick her ball away. The girls wanted that I bring back her ball, but i was not going to do this. Then 1 of the girl took me in a headlock and i dont no why, but i can't get out... Then she say that my friend have to bring back the ball or she want let me go out from the headlock. Than me and my friend bring back the ball and we go home. Do u think it was wrong that we go away?


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  • Firstly, you were wrong with kicking the ball away cause those girls were obviously there first, just cause you're boys doesn't mean you own the field let alone the sport so kicking the ball away is quite childish. You could've communicated with then, letting them know that you wanted part of the field to play soccer in, shouldn't have tried to sort it out yourself without letting the girls know :)


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  • If you say soccer is a sport just for boys, you obviously haven't come across @soccerchick4eva lol

    And you were really rude by kicking their ball away, you should've just left when you saw it was occupied.

  • No, it was not wrong. You should have left right away when you saw that the place was already busy, and not just kicked the girls' ball. That's entirely rude.

    • But why it was rude? I think soccer is a sport for boys..

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    • Shouldn't have gotten in there in the first place. I mean, it was just a girl. Be ashamed :D

    • this will never happen again

  • How old were those girls?

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