How to roll a perfect blunt?

My boyfriend returns from holiday tomorrow, so I want to surprise him with a crossjoint and a blunt. I've got the crossjoint figured out (however tips are welcome) but I'm not sue about the blunt.
I roll pretty nice joints, I've also had my share of pure joints, I just never rolled a blunt.
A friend of mine once rolled one and used a tip, so that's what I wanna go for. And I've got 2 bluntwraps I'll be using one of.

If someon could step by step tell me how to roll a blunt in bluntwrap with a tip, that would be great


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  • Basically take 1-2 pinch and place it on the paper, place the tip on a corner and roll it into a cone shape and lick the side to seal. Then take another pinch of mj and stuff the top and fold in to seal the top.

    Also, if you want to, you can dip the blunt in honey and let it dry.


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  • -rolls eyes- what trash.


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  • aren't they exactly the same thing?

    • not at all, paper kind of bounces back and if you bend it the wrong way then you will fling up the bud because paper has tension, but a blunt is like a piece of cloth just really easy to rip

    • waaat lol
      I've been smoking for years and i have never used anything other than paper to roll

      i have never even heard of this cloth thing

  • You just gotta do it. no tutorial is gonna help you. The only way is to do it

  • Take laggarate Blount, put a fire around him, stop drop and roll. Rolled blunt


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