Do you think feminism is setting us up for a very very dark future?

Personally i think it has done some good but i think it has done far more damage to society and humanity i'll tell you why it almost feels like we are social experiments and that children are treated like social experiments and i feel like we are just being raised to be experimented upon for society's goals with the dissolution of gender roles just for the sake of progress no emotions involved at all like that film "the island" and not for being provided a stable future and life what are your thoughts on the subject do you think do we are going towards a very dark future personally i think we are already under its dawn.

  • Society is experimenting on us.
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  • What I think is that there have been doomsayers since forever. In every era, in every generation, since forever, there have been people predicting doom. Somehow the human race has managed to survive. I have no doubt it will continue to survive.

    If somebody is wimpy enough to let feminists or any other group have an affect on them, then that's on them, not the feminists. It amazes me how many guys are cringing and cowering because the big bad feminists are being mean. Don't they see the irony in that? Don't they see that THEY are the ones who are cringing and cowering? Don't they see that it's their own weakness and meekness that is emasculating them, not the feminists?


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  • Feminism doesn't bother me at all.

    We aren't equal by nature, so any type of movement is pointless.

    Think about it. Even if every man on earth agreed to look at women as equal, and any type of social oppression was eliminated, it still doesn't mean we're equal. It's just what we decided to do

    Because it ultimately came down to men's decision. That alone is inequality

  • We are "Society", so it sounds weird to me to say that "Society is experimenting on Society". Social change happens all the time. It wasn't all that long ago a women could not get a credit card without her husband's signature., when most colleges did not admit women, when women were kept out of professions like law and engineering and medicine. It was a huge waste of talent. Do you really want to return to the days when women were legally the property of men?

  • You're expressing a feeling, not a fact.
    I am society, you are society, your family and neighbors are; the representatives you elect are. The girls you (would) like to fuck are society.
    Do you have any proof for your claim "society's goals with the dissolution of gender roles just for the sake of progress" ?

    • by the way, if you have a job, your boss has much more influence than all women you know.

  • Life is an experiment... Thats what we do.. Experiment.. If something goes bad... We try a different route...

  • What the government is doing is basically enslaving and abusing all the men while patting women on the backs and telling them they are better than us. The women all feel privileged so they turn a blind eye to our suffering in order to maintain the status quo. They absolve their guilt about running our country into the mud by then accusing us men of being the privileged ones in order to act like what they're doing is justified.

  • We are already in a dark place it just that people dont realize it, thats is the sad part