Do you think the people who ask if they are ugly, but are clearly very attractive actually believe that and want support, or are they just fishing?

I especially have the girls on here in mind.

I jsut feel like more fotne than not, the person is so blatently obviocusly attractive, but they say they need to be thinner or someone said they were ugly. Whcih do you think happens MORE OFTEN, fishing for compliments or legitimetly wondering?

  • I think these people know they are attractive and are just fishing for answers
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  • I think more often than not, they actually have self image issues and actually want opinions/support.
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  • It really depends.

    Someones perception of themselves can be completely different than the way we view them.
    "People are their own worse critics".
    This is true.
    People have a way of fixating on flaws that no one else would have noticed if not mentioned.
    This person has very low self esteem and refuses to believe they are even the slightest bit of attractive.
    Sadly, nothing you say will make this person think otherwise.
    He / she has a lot of internal work to do in order to be confident.

    This person is truly suffering from low self esteem despite their attractive appearance.

    On the other hand,
    It's clear to see when someone who is attractive (even in their own eyes) is fishing for compliments.
    They usually say a whole lot of sad things about themselves.
    But the photos they post are usually sexually explicit or vulgar.

    It's very to see why this person is posting.
    They want a lot of attention and to boost their ego.
    This person is generally conceited but claims otherwise.

    If this person doesn't have much attention in their personal lives they usually find other ways to get it.

    They thrive off of it.

    • *It's very clear to see why this person is posting.

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    • The pics they post tell u the type of girls.

      I'd say for the most part this site is filled with insecure people who really don't like their appearance

    • Yes and I for sure learned that after reading everything here...

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  • I couldn't even vote here because I think it really depends, some girls AND guys on here definitely just post fishing for compliments but others are actually very insecure about themselves so even if others perceive them as attractive they might end up finding themselves absolutely repulsive. I wouldn't say I'm horrendous looking but after years of suffering from an eating disorder and severe lack of self confidence I still often think that literally everybody else is so much prettier than me so I posted on here looking for some honest opinions and all I got was this 'fishing for compliments', 'catfish' shit, I'm so sick of it...

    • it is just one of those things I guess to me, it is not even a second thought, ya your pretty, how can't you see that? But I really had no idea so many attractive women were really that discouraged about there looks...

      I could have been one of those guys, because again, it is just so obvious to myself that it has to be a joke

      I know better now, sorry for myself and others, but I have learned.

  • I don't know. I think most of the time they really do have low self esteem, but there are cases where some girls are clearly fishing for compliments. It varies. I said low self confidence because I think that is overwhelming what it is most of the time.

    • Yea, I knew some people really just wanted to know, but now after seeing all these form the women, it is clear that girls really do have far worse self esteem problems than I thought... which is sad because most of them are really beautiful...

  • Its 50/50 in this case
    Sometimes they think they aren't attractive

  • I don't really know what goes goes through a person's mind, but I always think that those attractive people are just looking for food for their ego.

  • This is why I have the "How Do I Look?" Topic blocked. I hate that type of behaviour.

  • Hands down, they have trouble with self image and want an honest opinion cuz no one else tells them the truth. Thats WHY their asking, why would they be fishing for compliments if thats what your implying? lol

    • Yea, I knew some people really just wanted to know, but now after seeing all these form the women, it is clear that girls really do have far worse self esteem problems than I thought... which is sad because most of them are really beautiful... I think for myself and many of the other guys and even girls on here, you take one look at the pictures and it is just a no brainer, you are beautiful, how can you really not know that? So you just think it is people who are egotistical and need more compliments...

      I know better now I guess after answering this question!

    • How can you not know that? Cuz when your in that same body all the time and your surrounded by a media that keeps telling you your basically not pretty enough and see prettier people all the time that makes you unconsciously compare your own looks to others and then your whole self-image is skewed.

    • See ya, men don't have that, like at all... Even for a James Bond type of guy, the message isn't he is better than you, really tough to explain I guess... I could say the same to the girls who really are just unanimously beautiful, yet don't see it.

      It is a real gender divide and hopefully something that changes in the future...

  • they just want compliments.

  • it goes both ways... i think sometimes you can get a feel for which one it is by what they say and how they word the question.

  • Most girls no matter how they look are very self conscious and often feel worthless.


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  • Well good looking people can be insecure too but when they're posting semi-nude bikini pics and take selfies like it is going out of style I kind of doubt it.

  • some do. others don't. most just want attention.