Any advice for this situation?

There was a girl who I was starting to get really into and I kissed her before summer started. We go to school together, and are living across the hall from each other next year. She ignored pretty much all my texts all summer inexplicably (would sometimes reply like 10 days later but most of the time not at all) and her friend said that it's definitely unacceptable for her to be doing that to me for no reason (and I obviously completely agree.) At one point I lost it and decided to delete her off all social media and in a last ditch effort asked if she was ok because I thought maybe something happened in her family and she ignored me, but her friend told me she has been in touch with her so she doesn't know why this is happening to me. I went on a vacation recently and saw some unbelievably attractive women which made me realize that there are so many better girls out there than her, and not just physcially obviously. I realized that I shouldn't waste my time caring about somebody who cares about me, life is much too short for that and it's way too emotionally exhausing. If I'm going to end up with somebody they should care about me just as much as I care about them. So I'm pretty much over her at this point, but I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with her next year with having to see her pretty much every day. I want to blatantly ignore her, but know this would be seen as immature by everyone else and nobody else knows what happened between us. One of my friends also said it's very possible that she could pretend like nothing happened and act nice to me, but I'm not dealing with any of that bull crap


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  • Just ignore her.


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