Im concerned for my friend?

He is nineteen he said both his parents are on drugs.. i was with him two nights ago and he said his dad was falling asleep behind the wheel he was high he said he lives with his grandad and its safe
. Im going away for two nights to england and dont really want to leave him but have to live my own life... i said i was concerned about him and hs said evedybody worries about him I've told him he can stay at mine there is a spare bed

He trusts me Lot? What CAN I DO?


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  • Your "friend"?

    • Ermm yes!!

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    • No..

    • Cause ya sound like it

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  • If he's grown up wth it chances are he has some what of a grip on how to deal with it. You'll only be gone two days try not to worry too much. How old is he?

    There are free groups and meetings he can go to to help him cope with his parents and learn how to deal with it. You cal even go to get some insight. It's usually called ALANON or ALAteen. Those two groups are mainly for people dealing with loved ones who are alcoholics but a drug is a drug is a drug and they welcome other addictions as well.

    Giving him a place to stay is very generous of you, but make sure you let him know how long he can have it, and whether or not it's a permenant solution. Children of addicts often go through times of temporary stability in their lives, and when it is taken away and thrown in to chaos again it almost causes them more damage. So be careful with that one.


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  • so if he;'s safe with his grandpa, then why is he still around his parents?

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