For Girls Who Smoke Cigarettes?

For girls who already smoke cigarettes, how does it make you feel when you smoke one?

Does it relax you? Give you more energy? Settle your nerves?

I've never smoked, so I don't know.

Also, please spare us the sermons about how bad smoking is for one's health. I'm just interested about girls who already smoke and what it is like. I'm not encouraging or discouraging smoking.


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  • It makes me feel aaaaahhhhh that's better. Nicotine cravings are probably the worst cravings ever...I tend to get bad tempered and I can't think straight if I haven't had a fag in a while. I've smoked for 16 years now, and I smoke to suppress my appetite. Probably because I'm paranoid that if I stop smoking, I'll pile on all the weight I lost.

    Plus its a habit, its something to do. Yes it does calm me down, but I also enjoy the social side of it, more so now the smoking ban is in place..also there's the whole ritual of taking the cigarette out of the packet, putting it in your mouth and lighting it. I also really love opening a fresh packet of fags, and ripping off the cellophane, flipping the top off and ripping out the gold paper before selecting my fag.

    I also find incredibly sexy when my boyfriend lights my cigarettes for me and passes them to me...

    • Baby Jenks,

      Thanks for taking the time to compose such a thoughtful answer! I have asked many people, but none could put the feelings into words as well as you.

      I think you have a gift for expressing your feelings and emotions.

      Best wishes...

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    • Interesting! I've always had a thing for girls who smoke - I think it's sexy. It may be because my first was a smoker.

      Why do girls have a fag after sex? They seem to really enjoy it - a lot! Is that cigarette better (like the first cup of coffee in the morning?)

    • Same reason you have a cigarette after a really good meal, it puts the icing on the cake! Post sex smokes are deffo the best. The first cigarette of the morning, taken with a brew with two is the one that sets you up for the day. Its more the one where you can drink your brew, gather your thoughts and think what you're going to do that day.

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  • It does calm me down, but it's mainly, as someone else said, my escape route. My five minute cigarette break at work means five minutes I get to step away from the stress of the day and just relax for a moment.

  • I don't but my sister does, and when I talk to her about it she always tells me smoking calms her down when she's mad. Aswell as her saying it's her escape from the world.


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  • I dated a smoker for 2 years. And if you don't mind the little pointless fights then you should be ok. If you do mind it... Walk away. But that's my personal opinion...

  • Gives you a quick nicotine high.