Should I be mad, should I feel stupid?

So I went on an interview and I got the job. Did the background and drug test. She told me to come up there to do paper work, told me to bring my information. I went there at 8 in the morning on Sat. She never showed up. They said her schedule got switched, but she didn't let me know. The other manager was kinda rude, he asked me when is the next time I can come up here, and I said wed because my sister had eye surgery and I dont have a car. But I told after Wed I can come anytime. But I just told him, that she can call and we can work it out. I didn't call Wed. I called Mon and she was surprised to hear from me, and she said I call you back, let me find your paper work. Its now Friday and I haven't heard from her. Im on the system and I already have my log in for the job. Im confused. I know I didn't do anything wrong, but why do I feel stupid. Im thinking negative, like I lost the job... but I went through everything, background, drug test and passed it all, they even sent me an email saying, congratulations, welcome to the team. Will it be stupid if I lost the job?


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  • If you lose the job, you can sue them for discrimination of whatever seems to be the issue ( age, sex, race, etc ), But you should be persistent, call them and ask for the status on your business.

    • Yeah I lost the job :(

    • You should definitely proceed with an investigation on to why you lost the job after everything. That's not something an employer can do after already telling you, that you got the job.

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  • I doubt you lost the job. But they certainly don't seem very organised at all and working for them will most likely be an absolute nightmare. I suggest you give them another call (or send an email).

    • I lost the job :(

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    • Because I didn't reschedule. That was the biggest lie because I did.

    • Have you told them that you did? Not sure if working for these sort of people is a good idea, but I feel like you should get the chance to defend yourself.