Christians, when you say/believe Jesus is the son of God, do you mean?

Christians, when you say/believe Jesus is the son of God, do you mean..
that God is the biological father of Jesus or it's just a metaphorical expression?

To say Jesus is the biological son of God means Jesus inherited half his DNA from each parent (God and Mary).

The son of God is a metaphorical expression that has the same meaning with (we are all children of God).

  • God is the biological father of Jesus
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  • A metaphorical expression
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Wow, according to the poll Christian don't believe that Jesus is the son of God anymore.


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  • well i m muslim. so i should not give an opinion about this.

    • thanks for MHO. :)

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  • The bigger question is how are they one in the same yet separate? And how is Christianity Monotheistic when God, Jesus, and the holy spirit are worshipped?

    • They aren't separated, you can't see any of the divine persons separated.

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    • It is a mystery! 1=3 and 3=1! With our limited human understanding we can't fully understand!

    • cop out.

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  • It's an expression.

    • Than you for sharing
      Are you Christian?

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  • The relation between god the father and jesus his son isn't like your relationship with your father. Jesus is born like you and me but isn't beget like you and me.

    • You mean God isn't a biological father of Jesus.
      God brought Adam into being without a father nor a mother, so its easy for him to bring Jesus into being without a father.

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    • "Jesus is created by God like Adam"
      So Jesus isn't God but a human being.
      thank you for sharing

    • sorry I made a mistake in writing Jesus isn't created like adam, Jesus is completely God and completely human.

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