How do you react around guys/girl who you know are interested in you, but you aren't interested in them?

so often when i find out that guys like me, either by other people or by the way they act, i freak out.. and i start feeling soem sort of pressure, or like i need to be very aware of the way i talk to them or how i act around them. So I always feel better avoiding them.

Lately i have the mentality "i dont give a fuck" its not my fault they like me, and unless they tell me they like me, they can't expect anything from me. Im going to flirt with people around them etc, unless they tell me "hi, i like you"..

What is your take on things like this? what do you dowhen you find out a guy or a girl likes you, and them not telling you, and you dont like them back?


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  • Unless they tell me themselves, then I assume they don't like me. If they do then I try to tell them without hurting their feelings. Sometimes pussyfooting isn't the best way out because some guys handle rejection negatively, so you have to be blunt.


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  • I keep my distance.