How do I get my mom back lol?

We were testing around my buds new car and he missed a signal and we got pulled over, And just to make it worse. It was my mom, She know my friend too well and she knew he just had that car so she told us to get out of car and told him that shed let us go if we dnae nae dance lol and him being dumbest person ever agreed and we did little nae nae and only make it worse some kid recorded it and put it on youtube, She still did fined him with ticket and started grabbing me and kissing me on cheeks and asked me if I am wearing my favourite underwear again (Dont have a favourite one lol) and she just texted him that video and he texted me and now we wanna get her back bad or equally as bad as she did. My brother pranked her real bad last month and she think its me and have been pranking me ever since that lol


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