I've found myself overly sensitive and insecure i'm not afraid to admit it, the question is how do you deal with it?

For my entire life I was brought up in the Church and i fell for it, i believed it all, since i became 18 i have turned away from it all, and because of this i no longer find security in "God" and have found myself incredibly insecure and sensetive, and im wondering how I can, or how you deal with this type of stuff wtihout "God"?


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  • Hey, I was like you I was brought up in the church and believed in the security of the community and serving God... Until I joined the youth after a period found out my youth pastor was screwing my cell leader... and my trust in church and God was diminished... Lovely... Since that point I started to drift in between the paradigm of having a relationship with God, exploring other beliefs and dealing with that insecurity... Until I met, a mentor that put it into perspective for me... And I realized my belief is my own and how I formulate whatever belief I have is based solely on my decision. I think speaking to somebody you can trust is definitely important... Also I understand the sensitivity and insecurity it feels like the ground was taken from underneath you, but I also think this is an important time for you to concentrate on yourself and be open to whatever life has to teach and show you. I wish you all the best and I hope you find whatever answers you are looking for... :)

    • Yeah its just so weird having my own opinion on stuff, like strip clubs, i thought they were wrong, "why? because the Bible says... Oh wait" Also sadly im dragging a grilfriend through which dosen't help :/ but thanks for the advice :)

    • I know I agree, when I started to have opinions on things that differed from what I was taught there was tension, but I came to peace when I realized it was my choice, and no one had a right to dictate what I believed in. Also don't feel bad about dragging your girlfriend through this she is there too love and support you, and I think she will also be a huge help through this process! :) But hey no problem, just happy to help and seriously once again wish you all the best on your journey.! :)

  • a counselor can really help.

    • I went to the doctor for depression and she was pretty, useless i just felt like i was wasting her time :/ not sure i was the same experience with a counselor

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