Would you date someone only based of there cars and money? Are any of you actually like this? Would consider yourself a gold digger?

The pranks start at 2:44 i belive but you can watch at the start if you like.

Are you like the girls in this video? Does a nice car ONLY attract?

I found it CRAZY how the girls didn't like the guy but as soon as they drove a nice ride boom, they want to hop in. You can be anon but are you like that?
Would you date someone only based of there cars and money? Are any of you actually like this? Would consider yourself a gold digger?

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  • Yes a gold digger and i care about $ and the cars they have
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't care about cars, so his car wouldn't impress me.
    As for the money, well I don't like rich people. I think they like to humiliate people who are not like them, so obviously I wouldn't date a rich guy. I would prefer him to be at the same position as me.

    I loved the meme about Kanye West ahaha

    • so my mustang cobra doesn't impress you? :o :( ;( lol

      nice comment though. i used to hate the rich but i understand how hard they work to get to where they are, i HATE those rich people who are rude to people lesser than them. If i become rich and have nice expensive cars, i wouldn't brag or anything. If with my car now. I know anyone who wants to race me i'll smoke them. My car is heavily modded but i don't go out talking crap like other car people lol. But yeah what you say about the rich is mostly true. i would never ever do that.

      I know a rich girl who's parents has a Mercedes SLS, but they are really nice people and her dad was nice enough (and trusted me) to drive the car. i didn't want to go crazy like i do in my mustang sometimes but it was a nice ride. Personally i don't like the looks of it, but i like the engineering behind it


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    • That's very true. I never saw things on this perspective, but I agree with you.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Dude, those videos are fake, you can clearly see the quick reactions and for example the boyfriend of the redhead didn't get as mad as he should if he saw his girlfriend doing that.

    But, anyways, gold diggers are everywhere, most of them won't admit it, obviously xD That's why you can't show that you have lots of money if you're rich or some girls will take advantage of you, unless you don't care about losing some bucks and you just wanna have sex xD


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What Girls Said 3

  • I don't get into random guys' cars.

    I prefer someone with a nicely maintained vehicle but if it doesn't look sketchy - I mean I don't need a fancy car. I want to drive one though haha.

    As for whether my interest would increase if a guy had a nice car - I mean it depends on the guy. Extra resources sound good but I wouldn't go after a guy *just* because he drove a nice car if that makes sense.

    • so then you like my mustang don't cha ;) jk lol. i understand what you mean. But it seems crazy like in that video how girls just hop in, and in the end the guy could be a killer or someone. If a girl did that to me with a Ferarri... well... in all honesty i would ask her to move over so i can drive lol. but in all seriousness, i would say no. I know better to get in a randoms cars.

    • Hahaha (I tend to be automatically turned off by guys with nice cars but I try to give them the benefit of the doubt). And I know! The guy even made a rape joke! Like what she got in?
      Lmao me too (more like here wait here)

  • Heck no! You can drive a nice car and have all the money in the world and it wouldn't make a difference to me.

  • I don't care. I can make my own money.


What Guys Said 1

  • A come on all of us are whores, regardless off sex m/f would you do a 55 yo woman for $$$?

    • that's nasty lol, no

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    • Well ok let's start this as my point of view as a man. I have money I am currently on a break at the moment with very comfortable living.

      However I'm not like most men my sexual interest leans more to money than women. When I do get that biological urge, I weigh up my pros or cons with a woman I'm going to do

      How ever 98% of the male population are weak and believe that they need a woman in their life which is pure bs.

      I am saying just keep away from women (or men) if you have wealth unless there are reputable whores ! I hope you can see it from my POV

    • I see what you mean. I do want to get married when i get older. I do however want to also know my girl is loyal too like you said. I can usually tell. I don't have a girlfriend lol but the car i have now, some girl who never talked to me randomly say "hey there, nice ride". I know those are the ones to avoid lol

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