People who block you after a valid opinion are:?

Especially those ones who say something really dumb and then block you afterwards.

  • Cowards
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  • Diluted Kanye West (they think they win but are actually the worlds joke)
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  • Lack in intelligence or cognition and can't physically do anything but block you
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  • Live by the American adage "haters are gonna hate" and fuel their ignorance with this
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  • Mixture of all the above (and they probnably have a one direction poster in their room)
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Probably find that those who block will vote here too not realizing their contradiction. Its the nature of stupid people.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think much about it, if they felt like they won than so be it


Most Helpful Guy

  • Just kind of vaguely pathetic... especially if they are the sort to post a rely declaring that they have won.. then block you.


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What Girls Said 1

  • All I see is "those ones". Sorry! Lol.


What Guys Said 2

  • Ugh the worst... and then if it is there question, you just see this one sided rant, which is usually very angry and dumb haha

    I think I have only blocked two users. One spammed every question with a dumb one liner for xper, and I was tired of seeing it, and the other kept trying to message me after I decided 5 days of arguing was dumb...

  • Not worth your attention.

    • Yeah true, but I hate it when I have such an amazing comeback and then when I hit enter, its blocked ha ha. I