Emailing his business email?

Okay so I'm trying to talk to this guy, the problem is that he is internet famous and doesn't allow messages. (since he probably would get a lot everyday). I have tried messaging him and tweeting him and no response. I figured it was probably because he didn't see it or doesn't check.

They only thing I could think of was to possibly email him (he lists his business email). Even though I want to email him, I'm nervous about contacting him from his business email since it's for business purposes.

(I want to contact him bad becuase I have this strong pull or urge to contact him) (It almost feels like a gut instinct that I can't ignore)

Would that be okay to do or should I not email him there?

I do tend to follow my instincts but worried that I'm just leading myself into a rejection.


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  • Email him only if you two don't work together

    • Thank You for MHO :)

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  • Don't email him.