Who do you think won the GOP debate?

I think Donald Trump (yes, I am serious) is the only candidate who we can trust. He is the only genuine candidate who cares about America and that is why he is constantly slandered by not only the liberal, but the conservative establishment media as well. He is the 2016 Ron Paul.


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  • I don't even know whats going on with Hillary. Perhaps bernie sanders.

    • Sanders, Trump, Carson, and Paul are decent. The rest are liars.

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    • He inherited less than half a billion dollars. He is now worth 9 billion

    • Do you think it is difficult to do that? the first million is the hardest but he began with $40 million to $200 million... it also helps to be involved with multiple counts bankruptcy and government money. Personally I don't know a lot about the guy however that is because with his history and demeanor I can't agree with him.

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  • Donald Trump is an idiot who per tradition of the politico-sphere makes him as good as a politician as George W. Bush Jr. was.

    He's not a politician.
    He has zero awareness of political correctness.
    He does not operate on laws and known economic theories.
    He does not play ball on the diplomatic table.

    What he is , is a bull.
    If he becomes a president , someone's gonna get gored... HARD and that someone might just be you...

    Forget about it.
    Trumponomics is gonna be MUCH... MUCH scarier.

    • Yeah, him not cowering in the face of political correctness means we're actually making progress here. If you're compulsively afraid of offending everyone you'll never accomplish anything. He's the only one who actually wants to enforce the immigration laws. He's a billionaire bro lol. I think he knows more about money than the dipshits we usually elect.

    • He has filed for bankruptcy 4 times.
      If that's how he's gonna run the country... WELP... here comes the American debt default crisis.

    • He has never filed for bankruptcy. He has taken advantage of the existing laws for his businesses those times, but that is a very narrow minded way to summarize a candidate's electability. He's the only one who is honest.

  • I don't know who won, but I know who lost -- the women of America.

  • I think Carson did, though they only asked him like 4 questions. They purposefully rigged the debates so the 2 non-politicians looked weak