I would like to know about every ones experiences on the deep web so I know what I am up against?

I decided to involve myself in helping the FBI and my local police catch these online criminals that use the deep web. I am not the only one working on this, I would never try this alone, as I know it is far too dangerous. I am asking you people as a fellow human being to please, if you have bad or good experiences on the Deep Web, please tell me what to check out, and what to avoid. Also post any leads for me to look into, I will try to get as much information as I possibly can, as your fellow friendly hacker. Thanks.

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  • Don't do it kid, you'll fuck your life up. There's some sick and twisted shit there and one false click could have you checking into a mental home. If you're really helping the FBI, ask them. If they don't know you're trying to be helpful that could easily put you behind bars for snooping where you don't belong. Once you're on the deep web, they're watching. They're always watching. Not the FBI, THEM. They'll get all of your information and any slips.. and it's curtains. Or so I've heard.

    • I have heard many horrific stories, please can you tell me why you are telling me this? Did you have an experience of your own?

    • I didn't go to the deep web. I heard that you'd have privacy and have more access to information so I thought about it. Then I did a little research and somebody provided me with the information to get started.. but with a warning. You can be charged for accidentally getting your hands on something you shouldn't. So I said to myself that I'd be careful. Then there was the fact that most of those sites are given code names as a cloak. And then I was given a few things to look up on the internet to see if I could really handle the deep web. It was all fucked up, everything. Just as easily as I was able to listen to them and go to a site like that, it could've been equally as easy for them to fool me into going to a child porn site via the deep web. Would I be willing to face time for blindly poking around? No. Would I suggest it? No.

What Guys Said 1

  • I used it just out of curiosity, I belive that the tor browser is a great concept for anonymity, for people like journalists but I've also seen some very dark things so just know there are two very different sides to the deep Web