What should I do?

its like i went for a camp for 7 days. nd a guy somehow got my mobile no. now he is saying that if i dony have a sex chat with him he will upload my pics wen i was changing dress.


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  • What is this? are you being threatened by him? are you being blackmailed? It surely seems like a threat. I would suggest please don't ever interact with such people, don't negotiate with them because there is no guarantee they will stop there, tomorrow they will ask for something else, they will start demanding rather, today he is asking you to chat with him sexually, tomorrow what if he asks you to have sex with him? then what you will do? hence don't negotiate with such people, don't give into his demands. Such people feed on your fear and the more you fear them, more control they will have over you, I am not sure how he managed to take that photo of yours, surely he has taken it without you noticing it, that's so cheap of him and now he is using that to blackmail you. It's sad. Aren't you angry with him?

    Best suggestion I can give you is to talk to an adult, someone you can trust and tell them about this, get this to stop. If that fails, then you other option will be to approach the law, the authorities regarding the same, surely they will help you out, they should. Don't tell anyone, don't announce it to the world, if the first step fail (talking to an adult) then just go to the cops, don't worry. I am sure they will help you out.

    I know it's not easy for a woman, it's not going to be easy for you but you need to ask yourself do you want to live in fear? do you want to continue giving in to demands of a person who is threatening you, blackmailing you? No, I don't think so, I am sure about that. Hence why don't you catch him off guard by going to the authorities? not 100% sure if he will get arrested but he will get scared that's for sure and most countries have laws against people who blackmail or threaten others into doing things.

    I know it's not easy for you and you will face embarrassment if you go to the authorities but don't you think that's much better instead of living your life in fear? Don't you think you will known as someone who is fearless?

    Anyways the decision is yours in the end. I hope you will do what's best for you. Good luck.


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  • wow your in a sticky situation! best thing to do I tell him you were camping and and say you forgot your phone


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  • Tell him you're going to press charges for blackmail, slander, and child pornography (doesn't matter if they are also a minor, anyone having illicit photos of people under the age is illegal by anyone).

    That should make him crap his pants and leave you alone and if it doesn't then actually go ahead and press those charges.

  • If you do a sex chat he will record you and have more naked material of you. Then he may request more things...

    Just ignore. He will use you forever. Dont give him nothing more, dont talk to him, nada.


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