Should I complain? does my old high school have the right to do this?

so at my old high school there was this disabled kid named paul and he is a serial sexual assaulter i dont if thats a thing but it is know. what i mean by serial sexual assaulter is that when i was still in high school he would assault girl regularly most commonly would ask for a hug from them and would grab their boob recently i heard he sent a video of him twerking naked to at least 3 girls they reported it and he was suspended for three days. i remember when i was in high school i was having lunch with my squad and my best friend randomly shrieked and ducked under the table as it turns out, he had asked for a hug and had grabbed her boob and did not tell any of us and he was standing about twenty feet away she did not get back up from the floor until he left. the problem is, is that he is allowed to stay until he is 25 and he regularly assaults girls. the girls at my school are scared to complain because he is disabled i am afraid for his future victims should i complain?


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  • i think he should definetely be reported if he's doin stuff like dat. he's dangerous.

    by disabled... wot do u mean? mentally or physically? if mentally then i guess he's doin it probably unintentionally possibly... but this doesn't mean he shouldn't be reported anyway...

    • Definitely physically not mentaly. He has one of his legs and hand crippled and turned inwards making him a slower walker

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    • I know it pisses me off because if any other guy was to do what he does regularly they would be given jail time and be a registered sex offender

    • @asker that's not fair... he's basically thinkin he'll always get away wid it coz he's "disabled"... nah :/

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  • He should be in a hospital.. He's disabled..


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  • Yeah you all should contact the principal or some sort of school official
    If you get a large group of girls they are bound to do something


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