Can you believe that? What is it?

In my opinion it's an alien spaceship into the sea, It says this is leaked pictures. What do you think about it?
Can you believe that? What is it? <br />


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    Crappy pictures it's hard to make out. But usually always a hoax like Bigfoot and the Yeti.

  • What's more likely? That aliens with highly advanced technology would spend generations traveling to our planet just to visit and then wind up crashing into the ocean, and that someone with a shitty camera happened to be at the right place at the right time to take shitty pictures of it?

    Or that some jackass with nothing better to do while living in his mother's basement downloaded a pirated copy of Photoshop and thought it'd be fun to make some blurry-ass "leaked" photos of an indiscernable object to fuck with people on the internet?

    • Bro that stuff not crashing into the ocean, It just into the ocean, And those are old pictures, Took in the 20 century 1970s , That's why it's black and white pictures, And the man who took those pictures, He is an admiral!

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