Should I get serious help for my genocidal feelings towards humanity?

Right now, that's the feeling that I'm having because of how much I fucking hate this world and all the stupid people living in it. I'm sick and tired of all the race double standards, gender double standards and religious double standards from all sides that happen in this retarded society/world. If I had the chance, I would have found the most powerful nuke that can wipe out humanity, especially the people responsible for all the illnesses that still happens in this world (double standards, persecutions, societal biases, etc.).

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  • Nah, it's cool bro.

    • This is probably why I made myself anonymous in this question since many people here would mostly make fun of me behind computers for this.

    • If you think you'll feel better with help, get help.

      Personally I'm not concerned that you'll get your hands on "the most powerful nuke that can wipe out humanity"

    • Well obviously, only military personnels can reach and have access to nukes but I'm just being anonymous because I know that no one will give a shit about my societal struggles, frustration and anger anyway.

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  • You'll feel better when you get help.


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  • I agree with you, seeking out help? no you are just angry. a lot of us are. I hate humans, but then again I'm still here. kind of double standards there. look, Everyone, and I mean everyone has that thought at some point that you live on a shitty rock in a shitty place, and people are just mean. killing for no real reason. and annoys all of us

    just calm down and have a drink.

  • Nothing can help about knowing that the average IQ is 100 and not 120. Sorry.

  • Why should you like this world since you describe yourself what the problem?

  • No, you should satisfy these feelings.

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