Has anyone seen black butler anime?

The opening theme is called Monochrome Kiss by SID.

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  • I have not, but I heard it was good so I'll definitely check it out once I catch up with everything else lol :D. Good song too :D


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  • Yeah I've seen Kuroshitsuji.

    Hardly a favorite of mine, as I've seen others
    that's intrigued me more than this one could manage.

    I like the theme, and story behind it though.

    For some reason, I find butlers
    to be fascinating, their outfits
    and demeanor. ^.^

    • Ya, and it's interesting to see that ceil becomes a demon in the end. "I'm one hell of a butler" lol.

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    • Well then, now you have something
      to watch, should you ever get bored. ^.~